Benchmark Services, Inc.
traces its roots back to 1976 in the person of it's President, Ralph M. Wallem. Mr Wallem initially incorporated the consulting engineering and land surveying business in Huntingburg, Indiana in 1976 with Kenneth E. Hevner. The company was then know as Wallem-Hevner, Inc.

Mr. Wallem purchased Mr. Hevner's stock in 1978 and changed the name to Wallem Engineering, Inc., remaining in Huntingburg, Indiana. The company operated under this name until 1989 when Mr. Wallem sold the business to United Minerals, Inc., a coal mining concern. The company became known as Wallem Engineering, a Division of United Minerals, Inc., and operated under this until 1992.

In 1992 Mr. Wallem left to form Benchmark Services, Inc., with his partner Gary Van Winkle, who had been associated with the former businesses since 1982. The business continues to operate in Huntingburg, Indiana to this day as Benchmark Services, Inc

Benchmark Services, Inc.
will enter into it's 24th year of business in 2016 with Mr. Wallem and Mr. Van Winkle. Since the middle 1990's Benchmark has concentrated on the Telecommunications Industry, and has successfully participated in thousands of communication sites in over 40 states nationwide. 

As we enter 2016, we continue to this day to grow and expand our services.

From the middle 1990's to 2013 Benchmark concentrated solely on surveying services for the telecommunications industry, providing thousands of surveys for our clients. In 2013, we were able to expand our services to include Architectural and Engineering Services. Benchmark has now completed hundreds of construction drawings for DAS Projects, Generator Projects and Cell Tower Upgrade Projects for numerous clients.

Benchmark has also done site designs for Substations as well as route surveys for Transmission lines.